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Why should you hire one? Are they really necessary? Here is some information and research that might better answer those questions.

The Stats:

The Knot polled 19,000 brides from across the US who were married in 2010. When it came to Wedding Planners they discovered that brides stated in the last three months leading up to their wedding, they spent an average of 11 hours a week on planning. Nearly 50% also found that planning their wedding was more stressful than they expected. Nearly 1 in 3 hired or used a wedding planner, with more than half of those brides hiring them for day-of coordination (52%). Click for full survey.

Reasons To Hire a Wedding Planner:


I spend hours every day looking at blogs, magazines and things around me for wedding inspirations. I am constantly trying to figure out how I can incorporate the "cool" things that I encounter in every day life into a design concept for a wedding. For example, you see a couch pillow; I see a tablecloth fabric and color palette. I will listen to the vision that you have dreamed of for your wedding and I will offer my own creativity to the design concept in order to truly make it come alive.


I have detailed spread sheets that I create for my couples in order to keep them on budget. I go through every element of their wedding and with their guidance I set a price point for each area (cake, flowers etc.) I help them allocate their funds in the best way possible and listen to where they feel they want to spend their money as well. I also let them know when they are getting close to breaking those budgets and assist in finding ways to cut and save money.

Full Planning

Many venues offer "wedding coordinators" to their clients. This is not the same as an independent wedding planner. The venue's coordinator is often their food & beverage manager and is only in charge of elements having to do with the venue itself. While they are often very helpful, they will not provide you with the full overall planning and assistance that an independent wedding planner can offer. Their obligation to you is limited by your contract with the venue. An independent planner is there to assist you with every element of your wedding day.


Wedding Planners work with many vendors in your local area. When it comes to selecting your vendors they know who is the best and who you want stay away from. They are able to recommend reputable vendors that they have worked with and trust. This saves you lots of time in having to research your options; they can already provide you with numerous options and make suggestions as to who may be a good fit for your wedding and style.

Your Mediator

You will have issues come up during your planning. Your wedding planner can often step-in as a mediator/therapist/buffer or whatever you need. If a bridesmaid doesn't like her dress, your planner can act as a neutral party to diffuse the situation; this will help alleviate your stress as well.


I create a detailed production schedule of every element, event and detail that will happen on your wedding day. I e-mail this schedule to every vendor, bridal party member, the bride and groom as well as their parents. Everyone will be on the same page when it comes to your timeline and important contact information needed for the day. For example, your florist will know that your first dance will be at 7:35pm and what the exact song will be. It may not be relevant to them directly, but everything is on that schedule.

Wedding Traditions and Etiquette

Your wedding planner will be able to advise you on certain wedding traditions, even traditions from your personal culture/heritage. They will have a strong knowledge base on protocol and wedding etiquette, and be able to assist you with any questions.


A wedding planner can eliminate countless hours of research and help guide you in the right direction from the beginning. This allows you to focus on the joy of planning your wedding rather than the stress of navigating the process alone.

Save you money

Wedding planners can often negotiate lower pricing or discounts from other vendors on your behalf. They can also find areas where you may be able to cut back and recommend ways to do things less expensively.

Eliminate the Stress

The last thing you want on your wedding day is stress. You should enjoy your special day and not be the contact person for problems or set-up. A wedding planner will take care of all of the details, the issues and allow you to just relax on your wedding day. Hiring a planner will also free up your Mom and bridesmaids to enjoy the day with you.

Thank you for reading!

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